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Here are some resources written by RIRO staff and consultants about helping children and adults develop resilience.

Resilience – giving children the skills to bounce back (335Kb PDF)
Darlene Kordich Hall & Jennifer Pearson. November 2003. Original Report on Voices for Children website.
Click here to view this report which highlights the literature on the impact of thinking habits on resilience and summarizes RIRO pilot project activities and research findings.

* Resilience: Coping effectively with life's challenges (Part 1 in a series) (461Kb PDF)
Jennifer Pearson & Darlene Kordich Hall. Winter 2007. Interaction, 11-12.
English   French

* Critical abilities related to the development of resilience (Part 2 in a series) (417Kb PDF)
Jennifer Pearson & Darlene Kordich Hall. Spring 2007. Interaction, 11-13.
English   French

* Using literature to promote children's resilience (Part 3 in a series) (522Kb PDF)
Jennifer Pearson & Darlene Kordich Hall. Fall 2007. Interaction, 14-15.

* Partnerships to Enhance Children's Problem Solving Skills (519Kb PDF)
Jennifer Pearson & Darlene Kordich Hall. Fall 2008. Interaction, 32-34.

* Problem Solving Resource Sheet (415Kb PDF)
Jennifer Pearson & Darlene Kordich Hall. 2008. Ottawa: Canadian Child Care Federation.
English   French

* Fostering Optimism in Young Children (85Kb PDF)
Darlene Kordich Hall. Fall 2000. Interaction, 19-22.
Click here to view article.

Resilience: Parent Information Handout
(59Kb  PDF)
Jennifer Pearson
Click here to view handout containing information about seven abilities that researchers say are associated with resilience. Simple ways to promote these abilities in children are presented.

Optimism, Hardiness and Resiliency: A Review of the Literature (165Kb PDF)
Michelle Bissonette. August 1998. Toronto: The Child & Family Partnership.
Click here to view a literature review commissioned by the Child and Family Partnership to pull together research from several fields of study important in understanding children's resilience.

Click here to check back issues of our eNewsbrief for more articles on resilience.

*These articles are reprinted with the permission of the Canadian Child Care Federation (CCCF) and appear in their quarterly publication Interaction. See www.qualitychildcarecanada.ca for other resources offered by the CCCF.

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