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"Songs of Resilience" Project

Special songs and guided movement to help

young children "bounce back" and thrive


FREE Downloads

"Waldo the Duck" & Friends Song Package
(celebrating diversity & inclusion)

“Waldo The Duck” musical story (ages 4-7) - mp3 | wav | YouTube
“We Can All Be Part of the Team” sing-a-long song (ages 3-7) - mp3 | wav | YouTube

Resource booklet: 15-page booklet (lyrics, discussion tips, photos & more) - Download pdf

  Jane, Waldo & Big Duck (#1)     Jane, Waldo & Big Duck (#2) 

Take Five & Thrive!

Listen to a song with tips to support adult resilience & then role model with children
mp3 | wav | YouTube

About the project
(see project summary)

Why is the project important?     

The latest research tells us that music and movement are a powerful combination. Together they help children by:

  •  building better brains
  •  reinforcing learning
  •  supporting development
  •  enabling them to 'bounce back' and thrive
  •  promoting social harmony

So, that’s why we’re busy writing special musical stories and children’s sing-a-longs and adding guided movements. They teach young children ways to deal with everyday challenges and stress and how to get along with each other. So, when they face bigger challenges someday, they’ll have these strengths to help them.

What are the songs about?

The songs focus on an important inner strength that supports resilience like:

  •  celebrating diversity & inclusion
  •  persevering
  •  calming down
  •  understanding feelings
  •  confronting upsetting thoughts
  •  developing a positive outlook
  •  participating & reaching out

What's included?

Each musical package includes:

  •  musical story
  •  sing-a-long
  •  guided movements
  •  lyrics
  •  instrumental music (sing-a-long)
  •  resources on how to use the songs most effectively
  •  links to pictures
  •  music- & nature-appreciation resources

We've also added "Take Five & Thrive!" It's an upbeat song that encourages adults to practice simple ways to support their resilience every day. That's so they can role model these things in daily interactions with children.

Links to the songs and other resources can be downloaded as mp3, wav, YouTube or pdf files.



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