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Resiliency Guidebook

The RIRO Resiliency Guidebook acquaints readers with the topic of resilience and provides an overview of important abilities and skills that support resilience.[1]Material is adapted from The Resilience Factor by Karen Reivich and Andrew Shatté and the University of Pennsylvania's renowned Penn Resilience Program for school–age children

This 62-page Guidebook is available in PDF format and can be downloaded as one large file, or in smaller sections.

Download The Complete Resiliency Guidebook (6Mb)

Section 1 gives an overview of selected resiliency research, explains what it is to be resilient and explores how adults can develop thinking skills that can be introduced to young children.

Guide 1 (52Kb) – Resilience: A brief overview

Guide 2 (410Kb) – Critical abilities associated with resilience

Guide 3 (219Kb) – Understanding our response to stress and adversity

Guide 4 (246Kb) – Explanatory style – Thinking habits that affect our resilience

Guide 5 (386Kb) – Thinking traps

Guide 6 (248Kb) – Challenging our beliefs promotes resilience

Guide 7 (395Kb) – "Iceberg beliefs" – Underlying beliefs that can undermine our resilience

Section 2 focuses on strategies and resources to help children foster a resilient outlook.

Guide 8 (380Kb) – The importance of relationships and role modeling

Guide 9 (657Kb) – Helping children develop resilient thinking styles

Guide 10 (52Kb) – The ABC Model –using B-C connections with children

Guide 11 (1Mb) – Helping young children express and challenge their thoughts

Resources (49Kb) – Children's Storybooks that Promote Resilience

Section 3 introduces information about RIRO pilot project activities, research findings, resiliency resources, training programs and dissemination of the Reaching IN...Reaching OUT project.

RIRO (419Kb) – About Reaching IN...Reaching OUT

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