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Books for Kids

Children's storybooks can be powerful tools to promote thinking skills that support children's resilience. RIRO's Jennifer Pearson has created several lists of children's storybooks that illustrate resilient thinking and coping in action and promote cultural competence. Each book is annotated and categorized by the resiliency abilities it supports.

The following documents are in PDF format.

Children's Storybooks That Promote Resilience (131Kb)
An annotated list of children's books containing themes that relate to critical abilities associated with resilience in children.

More Children's Storybooks That Promote Resilience (30Kb)

Children's Storybooks That Promote Resilience Through Cultural Competence (31Kb)
An annotated list of children's books that focus on diversity and inclusion as a way to promote children's resilience.

Storybooks That Promote Resilience for Toddlers and Older Children, Too (130kb)
An annotated list of children's books suitable for introducing critical abilities associated with resilience to toddlers. These books can be enjoyed by older children as well.

Books for Adults

The following selection of reader-friendly books provides a good start for learning more about promoting resilience in ourselves and the children around us. For more comprehensive resources on resilience, please visit ResilienceNet at www.resilnet.uiuc.edu.

The Resilience Factor
Karen Reivich & Andrew Shatté. 2002. New York: Broadway Books.
This highly recommended book presents a more in-depth discussion of the resiliency skills presented in RIRO skills training.
(Book can be purchased at Amazon.com)

The Optimistic Child
Martin Seligman, Karen Reivich, Lisa Jaycox, & Jane Gillham. 1995. New York: Houghton Mifflin. A world-renowned researcher and his colleagues discuss ways we can support children's optimism and resilience.
(Book can be purchased at Amazon.com)

Learned Optimism
Martin Seligman. 1990. New York: Pocket Books.
The author presents an engaging description of the early research on learned helplessness and its evolution into ways we can promote an optimistic explanatory style and support resilience.
(Book can be purchased at Amazon.com)

The Optimistic Classroom
Deborah Hewitt & Sandra Heidemann. 1998. St. Paul, MN: Redleaf Press.
The authors provide many creative ways to give children hope and promote their resilience.
(Book can be purchased at Amazon.com)

Raising Resilient Children
Robert Brooks & Sam Goldstein. 2001. New York: McGraw-Hill.
A popular book for parents about promoting resilience by fostering strength, hope and optimism in children.
(Book can be purchased at Amazon.com)

The Bounce Back Book Series
Alberta Health Services. 2008. Edmonton: Alberta Health Services.
This series is designed to support parents, caregivers and teachers in building resiliency skills in the children in their lives. These colourful, fun and interactive books are filled with activities and resources centered around the following core resiliency themes: empathy, self-confidence, problem-solving skills and emotional regulation.

(You can order these resources by accessing the online catalogue using the following link and entering the universal Login ID and Password provided below.)  


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Resilience: Overcoming Challenges and Moving on Positively
Marja Korhonen. 2007. Ottawa: National Aboriginal Health Organization.
This resource interlaces insightful stories from aboriginal people in the north with research on resilience.
(Book can be ordered through: inuit@naho.ca)

Growing Up Resilient
Tatyana Barankin & Nazilla Khanlou. 2007. Toronto: Centre for Addiction & Mental Health.
The authors draw from the latest research and theoretical developments on resilience in children and youth and present it in a way that is relevant for professionals and parents.
(Book can be ordered at: store.camh.net, product code P5601)

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